Payroll Services


Are you spending too much of your time on administration duties and not on growing your business?  

If so, Integripath can help. We are a small owner-operated firm providing payroll services to companies of all sizes, and in all industries. With our payroll solutions, Integripath can help you reduce costs and increase productivity by giving you more time to focus on your core business operations.

Integripath can handle all aspects of payroll and benefit responsibilities, including issuing paychecks via direct deposit or hard-copy checks. We take care of all payroll taxes including, but not limited to: Social Security and Medicare deductions (FICA), federal and state unemployment withholdings (FUTA & SUTA), child support deductions & payments, health and dental insurance coverage, deductions & payments, retirement plan contributions & applicable matching payments, paid holidays, paid-time-off, etc. Integripath partners with each client to make sure we are offering the best overall package for each employee, as it pertains to your unique business.

We work with each employee to verify that all the necessary new-hire employment contracts are filled out correctly, while also ensuring compliance with the completion of all government required forms including quarterly reports and annual payroll tax filings.

Additionally, Integripath assumes responsibility for workers’ compensation coverage and any unemployment benefits. This provides your company with valuable cost savings, as well as less time spent filling out paperwork, so that you can get back to spending more time on your day-to-day operations.

Integripath is more than a provider of payroll services; we are your partner in a complex and ever changing workplace. We will listen and work diligently with you to discover your challenges and create custom solutions, which will help optimize the way you do business. Our success is a direct result of meeting these objectives.

Please contact us today to discuss how Integripath can help increase your company’s productivity and above all, manage your greatest assets—your employees.

We can be reached via email at: We are committed to our business and dedicated to you; rest assured that all inquiries are kept confidential and you will receive a prompt response from an Integripath representative experienced in delivering payroll services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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